“The best vet in the region. Dr. Allen and her staff are amazing. We have gone to several different vets for my dog’s scratching, allergy and ear problems and none of them did anything to help. There were always more tests and try this and try that. After thousands of dollars later – our pup was not even better. Then comes the angel that is Dr. Allen, she was so gentle and caring with our pup and knew exactly what he needed. Since going to Annotto Bay our dog has been his healthiest and happiest by far. I wish they could see humans there too.”
-Josh K., Google

“The 5-star reviews for Annotto Bay are spot on and completely justified. I was looking for a new vet and landed here due to the rave reviews.
I brought our 9.5 year old dog in for his annual exam and was blown away by Dr. Allen, the friendly staff, clean facility, and level of care and service. This is literally the nicest vet office I’ve ever been to. After getting checked in and being shown a room, we waited a few minutes before Dr. Allen arrived. She was fabulous and literally sat on the floor with Charlie to play with him and do the exam. We discussed a few concerns about his overall health before he was whisked away for a blood test. Upon Charlie’s return, we were checked out and told they would follow-up with his results in a few days. I commented to the staff that this is the first time I’ve ever seen Charlie SO calm at the vet. Normally, he just shakes incredibly hard from the minute we arrive, but this wasn’t the case here. I swear, they’re like dog whisperers or something. Anyway, the friendly people and non-sterile environment were amazing and I’m glad I did my due diligence before switching vets.”
-Jonelle T., Yelp

“Dr. Allen is truly incredible with my pup. I have brought my dog here from puyallup after we moved and today she was booked but made time for me to bring in a rescue pup and have her checked out and to receive first round shots before taking her home. Always remembers the dogs names as well as ours and believe it or not my dog loves coming here and is always excited to see her. She doesn’t run up the bill and gives good breed specific advice on foods, care, training and treatment. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommended by my family and by far the best vet I’ve ever used.”
-Michael E., Google

“I’ve been taking my two dogs here for 3 years for a variety of different dog issues and I’ve always had great experiences. At this point I’d definitely recommend it. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences.”
-Gabrielle P., Yelp

“Wonderful vet! Great place to take your dogs and cats.”
-Andy A., Google

“Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. I had a bit of an emergency and they were able to accommodate us at the last minute.”
-Jose G., Yelp

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“Very friendly staff, decent hours, very nice little facility. They were very friendly with our dogs, the vet seeing one of our dogs even sat on the floor with him (he hates being up on the metal table and is very anxious). Good location too in my opinion, but it may be a bit hard to see so there’s a sign on the sidewalk pointing out where it is.”
-Kevin S., Google

“My favorite vet I’ve ever been to! We have two golden retrievers and their team treats them so well! They are all so friendly and the Dr. is very knowledgeable and kind! Affordable pricing as well.”
-Jordyn B., Yelp

“Very happy we found her! Caring, friendly staff, awesome vet, fair rates.”
-Laurie B, Google

“One of the best vets I’ve ever been to. The veterinarian is so genuine and her passion for her career shines through. I wouldn’t take my furry child anywhere else. You can also pay over the counter for Bravecto which my last vet would make me pay for an appointment first prior to my new prescription which is pointless. I have been here several times and I always have an amazing experience with all the staff members.”
-Jennifer L., Yelp

“Fast, friendly, and helpful. Finding a good vet is like finding a good mechanic; it’s great to go to a vet and not feel like they’re taking advantage of you by offering needless goods or services”
-Adam S., Google

“We love our friendly neighborhood vet! Our dog Maya especially loves coming here and visiting all of her friends. We’ve been taking her here for regular care since she was 8 weeks old and have been nothing but satisfied with the friendliness, professionalism and knowledge of staff, and most of all their genuine care for our fur child. Dr Allen and all the techs are amazing and have earned our trust. 100% recommend!”
-Anna F., Yelp